No Security Deposit Option

All County has partnered with Qira to help more Tenants enjoy one of our great Rental Properties. If you qualify for the No Security Deposit  program:

  • You will NOT need to make a Full Security Deposit upfront on the home you Lease through All County. For many Tenants, this instantly keeps between $1,000 to $2,500 in their pocket!
  • Instead of a full upfront deposit, you’ll simply pay Qira a small nominal fee (1 – 2.5%) based on your application and they will provide the required Security Deposit to All County on your behalf.
  • Tenants would still be responsible as normal to maintain and return the rental property back in accordance to the Lease Agreement to avoid Security Claims filings.
  • If your Landlord does make a legitimate claim, you can choose to pay the balance in installments using the payment method of your choice instead of all at once, with the goal to help make it easier to balance your monthly budget.
  • If you think a claim is unreasonable, you can dispute just as you would under the traditional up-front security deposit system.

Once you are ready to proceed with one of our Available Rentals, you may complete the No Security Deposit Request form to see if this innovative program works for you.