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4th of July

Good Morning Everyone,

All of us here at the Home Office would like to wish everyone

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We hope you all enjoy the weekend and have a safe holiday.
If you are traveling this weekend, please be careful and have
patience on the roads and in the airports.

The Home Office will be closed tomorrow, Friday, July 3rd, in
Observance of the Holiday.

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Team Builder 2015: Botanical Gardens

All County CFL's team grows more and more each day such as our lovely Florida does too. We luckily had the chance to visit the beautiful Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, Florida for one of our Team Builders.

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Grand Re-Opening

All County CFL's Grand Re-Opening

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Preparing to Move Out of a Rental Home

If the time comes for you to vacate a rental home, prepare to do it the right way.
Consult your lease agreement first to see what your landlord expects. Then follow the steps below
to make sure you return your rental to the condition as close as possible to the way you found it originally.

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Take Steps to Safeguard Your Rental Property from Theft

We could all stand to feel a little safer when leaving our homes each day for work or play, right?
Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your rental home isn’t a prime
target for thieves. How many of these tips do you have in place?

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Rental Home for the Holidays: How to Prep Your Place for the Season

Once the candle on the last jack-o-lantern goes out, it’s officially The Holiday Season. Are you ready?

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Moving with a Pet into Your Rental Home

Moving is a chore all by itself, but making sure your pet fares well in the adventure
requires extra planning. Read on for what to consider when choosing a rental — and how to make
the move as smooth as possible for your furry family member!

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Cheap Green Cleaning: The Only 5 Products You Need

Baking soda is super cheap and can be used in all sorts of ways around your apartment.

When it comes to spring-cleaning, the only way to do it right is to go green.


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